Saturday morning chills

I need to relax more on my Saturday mornings. I have a commitment at 8am each Saturday morning, which gets me out of the house and moving – once I’m out and done what I needed to do, I just need to head to a coffee shop and chill out a bit.

Today, certainly, I’ve done that and have headed to the Curve for an iced Starbucks Latte. It’s something I’m still getting used to, but the iced coffee is growing on me.

It’s also giving me some time to get some personal matters out of the way – little things that stack up, until the point that I get time and headspace to deal with them. However, once they’re out of the way, I can get on and enjoy the rest of my day feeling like I’ve managed to achieve something no matter how small they may seem.

Hopefully the remainder of my Saturday will carry on in the same vein – I would like to try and sit down later to do some more writing. I find that being able to spill my thoughts out into a loose collection of words helps me work through some of the stresses of the week. Perhaps it’s time for me to be more active on LinkedIn, and start to post about my professional experiences there. Who knows where that will lead.

Saturday morning chills

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