Russian Proverbs

Whenever I travel, I always ensure that I have plenty of things to watch on my iPad; after all, flying for 13 hours at a time can be quite boring, and a couple of things that I really want to watch helps pass that time.

This time I’ve already made my way through Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Rise of the Planet of the Apes and Matrix Revolutions, as well as a couple of episodes from Red Dwarf series 7 (really hard going, as the series went through a poor patch).

One of the other TV series I’ve enjoyed watching is Arrow – I tend to wait for the series to become available on iTunes before buying the whole thing and usually binge watching it. I managed to start series 5 this morning and it continues to be very watchable. It’s been over a year since I watched series 4, so I had to jog my memory to remember the events of the last series. It wasn’t long before I remembered enough to be able to enjoy the story and see how it evolved.

This series is going to focus on Oliver’s integration into the Russian Bratva gangsters and, as usual, is told as flashbacks inter-twining with the main story. In one of the flashbacks, a Russian acquaintance shares a Russian proverb with Oliver – The shark that does not swim, drowns. It’s used in the show as a way of getting Oliver to move on with his life for fear that he will ‘drown’ or crash and burn.

Watching the episode, the proverb resonated with me particularly in light of the last few years of my life – many things have happened; some good, while others have been not so good. Each time I’ve had to keep moving for fear of drowning, and it’s been difficult – I’ve felt at times isolated, cut off, depressed and a whole heap of other emotions that come and go depending on my overall mood and the events around me.

Things are still in flux, but hopefully they will start to settle down. In amongst all of this, I’ve kept myself busy while trying to stay positive. I have a new reason for being so positive, and that is adding a new dimension to my daily life. Being back in the UK is also forcing me to keep active, and I’m going to see whether I can go back to KL having lost some weight rather than putting it on, as the case has been the last few trips.

So – best foot forward and all that. I’ll try to post some more entries over the next couple of weeks while I’m in the UK.

Russian Proverbs

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