Need to exercise

I’m heavier now than I ever have been. I am eating reasonable meals and am trying to cut back on sugary foods, but on it goes. It’s probably due to a couple of factors: beer and lack of exercise. 

I can cut my beer intake down, and I can start exercising again. Cycling seems to be the best thing for me to do, as it’s the most accessible. I just need to make time for it. It’s Hari Raya weekend now, which means I’ve got four days off from work. I’ll take a look at my bike later tonight and do any work that needs to be done (e.g. pumping tyres). Then, tomorrow morning, I’m going to get out and try to cycle. It’s been a while, so I’ll need to try and warm up before I start, otherwise I’ll end up in agony. My brother is kicking my arse as far as cycling is concerned – he can do 79km easily, while I struggle to do just 5km. 

Targets to aim for – I want to do 20km in one session, and I want to do 100km in one week, preferably by the end of August. Time to commit myself I think. 

Need to exercise

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