Back in the habit

I’ve been away for a while, at least away from this blog anyway. The habit I had gotten into was to update this blog every time I’m on the train in the morning. It gave me a good twenty to twenty five minutes to quickly tap down my thoughts of a morning, and submit it before I get to work.

I’ve not been at work the last fortnight, hence no updates as I’ve not been on the train. That’s not strictly true as I have caught a couple of trains in the last couple of weeks, just not to work!

I’ve also had a short break from the diet while my wife and I celebrated our wedding anniversary. It was something that we both planned to do, and we spent the latter half of last week having a few good days in London. We came off the diet totally, having large breakfasts, lunches and dinners. In total I put on an extra seven pounds, but I was expecting my weight to creep up slightly due to the size of our meals. When I do actually finish the diet, I won’t be eating anywhere near as much as we did last week, so I’m quite relaxed about going back to normal meals when the time comes.

I also took a bit of a break from my exercise routine, mainly because I didn’t have a yoga mat with me, nor did I have access to any Dumbbells to carry on my weight training. So Sunday was the first day that I restarted my exercise routine and it was a bit tough. The sit-ups came relatively easily, all 178 of them although I was sweating quite a bit by the end.

I also did 80 squats which made my legs very tired and wobbly. That wore off after an hour or so, but I still noticed a bit of fatigue when I was going up and down stairs. I’m hoping that will improve as I do more and more squats.

Then it was the weights and they actually felt the easiest of all – whether or not it was because I was fresh and ready to do them, I don’t know. Whatever it was, I powered through them with very little effort.

The only major problem I had was the push-ups as I just couldn’t manage them – my shoulder had been hurting for a few days, and it started to ache after I had completed the second push-up so I did another three or four and called it a day. There’s no point in pushing myself into pain at this stage – I’d rather not injure myself and not be able to exercise at all!

So – my weight is around the 12st 11lbs mark, which is a massive achievement for me. I’m so very close to my target weight of 12st it’s unreal. I’ve just got to get through the next fortnight, which should see me in the low 12st mark and then I need to start the maintenance work. My weight should then stick to between 12st and 12st 7lbs, a good half a stone window. I’ve just got to decide how best to do the maintenance – my head is telling me to have a shake for breakfast, a meal at work for lunch and either a shake or a Slim & Save meal for dinner. The nice thing is that if we decide we want to have a takeaway or eat out of an evening, I’ll be able to do that just so long as we don’t do it too often.

At the weekends, I’d probably stick to that pattern, although I’m unlikely to have a cooked meal at lunch time – it will probably be wraps, maybe with a small bowl of salad or something.

It’s all worth it though – I feel much better than I ever have done. The fact that I’m finally fitting into nice clothes is a massive bonus for me!

Back in the habit