I have a confession to make. The last few days have not been good, in that I’ve started to slip in my diet. Shamefully, to boot.

I guess this is part of the problem when you spend a short amount of time off-diet and then try to restart. Watching the forums I’ve seen a load of people complain how difficult it is to get back on track when they’ve had a blip, and now I’m experiencing that for myself. My primary issue is one of hunger – I’m trying to do what I did previously and follow the diet in its purest form, eg total reliance on the food and shake packs, with no added extras (apart from a daily jelly).

What in finding is that my stomach is rumbling continually from just after midday. This is driving me nuts, and making it very difficult to concentrate and get things done. I’ve got to try and push through it as I’ve got another fortnight before we have our anniversary and the point at which I totally come off plan for good and start to live at my new weight.

I can do this – I have been doing it for large chunks of this year. It’s will power, and I am able to push through this.

My exercise regime continues, although I skipped last night because I was out fairly late and needed to pack for being away a couple of nights. I did 38 squats this morning, along with my regular dumbbell weights routine. I will complete 60 consecutive sit-ups by the weekend, and then start on the path to 100 consecutive sit-ups.

I want a six pack. I want clearly defined muscles. I want to be able to do 20 consecutive push-ups without breaking a sweat.

I am tired of being a relative weakling. I am better than this.

2015 is going to be my best year yet, and I want it to be the year in which my health gets onto the best footing.