Too much

When I first started using the Runtastic sit-ups app, I misunderstood what I was doing and ended up doing the routine every day without fail. It was only after the first week or so that I noticed that I was supposed to have break days in order to allow my body to rest. I definitely didn’t realise this, and tried it for about a week.

The thing is, giving myself a break, even if just for a day, have me a reason not to carry on and that’s precisely what I wanted to avoid. So I’ve gone back to exercising every day at least for the sit-ups.

The squats are also something that I can do each day, but the press ups are something that I do struggle with.

Part of it is getting the app to work correctly – I have to be within a certain distance of the iPhone for it to register a rep, and sometimes it misses. Of course, that means I’m effectively doing more press ups that I should be, which is then knocking me a little. I’m up to 25 press ups which is nothing short of impressive given that I struggled to even do one a few weeks ago.

However, the agony I feel when the sensor misses my push up is real – I struggle to do them, so any wasted effort is a significant loss for me. The only way to make sure is to not use the app at all, but then I would lose my motivation as I quite like seeing progress over time.

So I dwell on correct form – attempting to ensure that I’m doing each push-up correctly. It’s my way of telling myself to keep going – the reason I’m not getting the sensor reading is because I’m not doing it correctly, therefore I’m not getting the most benefit from my exercise. It’s a weird kind of reinforcement that I set myself, but it seems to be working for the most part.

I don’t know at what rate I should see progress – I’m not expecting it to happen overnight, but it would be good to understand what the overall benefits are from doing all of this exercising. As I’m gradually increasing my intensity, I’m sure that I’ll see gradual results so will be less likely to see a dramatic change unless I avoid all mirrors for a few weeks at a time.

I could really do with joining a gym, if only for a short period of time – that way I can get measured and assessed on a regular basis.

Too much