Venturing off-piste

I’m having a bit of a different day today – I’ve got a meeting this morning after which I’ll be heading to London to meet a old supplier, before staying overnight with a friend and attending a conference/exhibition tomorrow.

With that in mind, I had a shake for breakfast this morning but have not brought any other food packs with me for while I am away. Instead, I’m going to try and eat sensibly to see whether I can do it.

Today is going to be odd anyway, because I’m meeting a former colleague in our canteen for another breakfast – I’ll probably just stick to sausages, but it’ll mean that at lunch time I’ll probably only have a snack bar and go all the way through until this evening when I’ll meet my friend for dinner (to say thank you for letting me crash overnight).

Tomorrow, I really don’t know what I’ll do – my friend doesn’t usually drink milk (which is fine as I don’t usually either) but it will likely be poached eggs for breakfast, something light for lunch and then whatever I can find for dinner – I’ll be back in Bath by then, so will have plenty to choose from.

I’m now at 13st 1lb, which is an amazing figure – I never thought that I’d get down this far, but I’m not finished yet which is why I’m keen to try going off-plan and find out whether it will have an effect. In some ways, I’ll be offsetting any food I eat by doing a tremendous amount of walking tomorrow at the conference, but quite how much I don’t know.

I’m looking forward to finding out though!

Venturing off-piste