New Clothes

This morning I’m going to work in new clothes and that feels good in itself. What’s even better are that the new clothes are smaller than I’m used to, and they are fitting me very well indeed!

You see, with all the weight loss I’ve had over the last few months, it left me with very few clothes that actually fitted (read none) and so on Saturday I set out to do something about that by going to the Swindon Designer Outlet to get a few new items of clothing.

This morning, I’m wearing a 16.5″ Slim Fit formal shirt from Next, 34″ waist trousers from GAP and medium size boxer shorts.

If you had told me even six months ago that I would be wearing those measurements, I would have laughed and said absolutely not. Now it’s a different matter, as I’m feeling very proud to have gotten this far, and determined to carry on to complete my weight loss journey. It’s not far now – the end is definitely in site.

What’s more it’s the first time I’ve not had to wear a belt in several months – I’ve been drilling extra holes into my belts to keep my trousers up. Now, they fit me just right and don’t necessarily need a belt (although I will grab one as an accessory rather than a necessity).

Now to venture out to work and see if I get any comments today!

New Clothes