I’m still on an upward curve when it comes to my sit-ups each day. Today I managed to do 106, reaching 32 consecutive sit-ups and then ramping down as each set progresses. It is getting easier each day and I wouldn’t be surprised to be able to do 60 within a fortnight. The rate I’m going, I’ll be hitting 100 consecutive sit-ups by the end of November all being well.

The weights are also continuing – I’m doing 20 reps of each exercise to get me going, with another 20 reps happening later in the day (normally late at night before I turn in). I’ve had a problem with my right shoulder for a few years now – it’s not been painful, but I’ve had some restricted movement. I’m told that this is due to a rotator cuff issue, and that I needed to do some exercise with my arms to get it moving again. I’ve been targeting this area of my shoulder with the shoulder presses, and it’s been going fine until last night when I started to feel like I had slightly overdone it.

I went to bed in the hope that my shoulder would settle down overnight, but I’ve woken this morning, gone through my weights routine as I would do normally and my shoulder has a bit of a twinge to it. I only just managed to complete my 20 shoulder presses as I would do normally.To be honest, I almost stopped at 16 because my shoulder complained every time I lifted the weight. I know that I need to do something about the shoulder sometime soon – I can at least go to the doctor now and tell him that I have been exercising it! I’d really like to be able to swim, but I know that requires good strength in my shoulders so I don’t want to do anything that might cause it more injury.

I’m not at the stage where I’m in agony – it’s just uncomfortable right now. It’s also not consistent, so I can’t avoid certain ways to move my arm. In some ways that’s not a bad thing, because it stops me from only using my arm in limited ways and almost forces me to work it over time.

My weight loss continues – I’m now down to 13st 5lbs, with another stone or so left to go before I stop. At this rate, I should be able to go to London at the end of the month and not worry too much, as long as I am sensible in what I eat. Given that we’re planning on going to a Steakhouse and then a BBQ place, then this shouldn’t be too much of an issue I don’t think. My challenge will be to keep on with the exercise after I’ve lost all the weight so that I can tone up, and also manage any additional weight gains accordingly.

I feel like we’re getting on top of things now, which is a really good situation. The last few monthsof budgeting are really starting to pay off, and we both seem a lot happier at home now that we’re both settled in our jobs. All in all, I think 2014 is shaping up to be one of the best years we’ve had together since we were married, alongside 2007 when we went to Disney World for the first time.

Long may it continue!


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