Almost there

The sit-ups are still happening, much to my mild amazement. I’ve not stuck at an exercise routine this long for quite some time, and never one this physically challenging. The cycling I did became easier to the point that I was able to cycle along the flat for a good fifty minutes without resting, but doing 96 sit-ups in one session kind of beats that by some margin.

My work rate is getting better – I’m doing the 96 sit-ups in 7 1/2 minutes, with 5x 30 second rests in there, so in reality, they’re taking me around 5 minutes of effort. Not too bad at all, I don’t think.

I am definitely starting to see the benefit, which is being magnified thanks to the weight I’m losing. I’m also starting to ache a little around the top of my hips, which gradually wears off throughout the day. My stomach is starting to tone up, and I’m getting better with each day. My stomach is not far off being flat – what tummy was there before has slowly burned away, with the beginnings of a six pack starting to form. Certainly I feel a lot better than I did even three months ago.

So what’s next for my physical transformation? Well, I’m continuing with the weights – I really need to improve my upper body strength. Going to the gym each day isn’t really an option – I just don’t have time to do that, never mind the capability. What I do with the weight feels like it’s pushing me, and my arms certainly feel fatigued afterwards. I probably need to work on the range of exercises that I’m doing – I’m getting the feeling that curls, shoulder presses and rows aren’t enough variety to build up a balance of muscles in my arms. Furthermore, although I’m not there yet, I will need to invest at some point in a new set of Dumbbells that I can adjust to increase the weight on each on. At the moment, I’ve got a set of plastic ones that are fixed weights – I’d much rather have either some cast iron ones or plastic discs that I can add or remove as necessary to increase the weight I’m lifting with each arm.

Beyond that I really need to start doing some cardio activity to help my physical fitness rather than just my strength. The problem here is one of time – not enough of it! It’s either that or I go out running which I can do at any time of the day (e.g. Late at night when I’m most likely to have the time!). Having never been a runner before, I’ve never purchased a half decent set of running shoes, so I’m going to need to have a look around to find what my options are. Then it’s a case of kitting myself out with some gear and giving it a go. My aim would be to be able to run around the estate without stopping – broadly speaking, that’s about a mile and a half in total. I have a longer route in my mind that I could tackle if I ever get off my feet in the first place, but it’s a bit longer than just a mile and a half.

My biggest aspiration would be to run to work – it sounds like it would be a long way, but in reality it shouldn’t take too long. A lot of it is along the canal, which means that it is level for a significant portion of it. My challenges would be three-fold:

1. Running at night – I would need to buy some kind of lamp that I could wear either around my body or around my head to illuminate the way.

2. Carrying my work things with me – I’m one of the few people that carry their laptop to and from work, and I would probably need to carry some clothes and wash gear too.

3. Keeping myself hydrated – it’s a good 10 miles from home to the office, and I doubt I would be able to get all that way without needing hydration.

If I could find a solution to all of the above then it would make things a lot easier, otherwise I’m going to be struggling to be able to achieve this aspiration.

Anyway – enough for now. What was meant to be a brief update has become a small essay!

Almost there

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