I’ve been busy up to now trying to get my weight down, and also trying to start an exercise regime that might just form a new me over the next couple of months. I managed to do 80 sit-ups this morning, although it was pretty tough going. I was then able to get through my usual weights routine, managing to do the curls, shoulder presses and rows as I do each morning.

I finished up by getting on the Wii Fit to weigh myself. Bearing in mind that I had eaten a large meal on Friday evening, consisting of an entire rack of ribs along with onion rings and fries, my weight had increased by a sliver on Saturday morning. After sticking bang onto the plan, my Sunday weight came in and showed that I had lost three pounds, taking my weight down to 13st 8lbs.

I have to admit that I was somewhat staggered by the drop – whilst I was relatively comfortable with the fact that I might have fallen out of ketosis through eating all the fries and onion rings, I expected that I would have seen no change, or even a slight increase in my weight. To drop three pounds after everything else was a shock, and a reminder to me to keep cracking on with the weight loss.

At the moment I’m going to keep going through the whole of October. If my weight loss is anything like it’s been through September, then I should be on track to get down to a very trim 12st by the end of it (well, I’m going to finish on the 25th as that is a month from when we ordered our latest food packs from Slim & Save).

Will 12st be too slim? Quite possibly – when Bernice took a photo of me on Friday evening, I have to admit that I did look a little on the scary side – not skinny, but nowhere as fat in the face as I had been previously. Even now, when I try to take a selfie, I’m grinning because I barely recognise the face that’s looking back at me.

I want to even out at around 12st 7lbs – I’m then well within the Ideal Weight banding for BMI, and should feel a heck of a lot better for it. It’s scary to think that I’ve only got another stone to lose to get to my absolute target!


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