Final month

We placed our food order for the month this morning, with the realisation that I will probably come off the diet at the end of this month.

I’ve never lost this amount of weight and to be fair, I feel really good for it. Yesterday was a bit of a blip as I had a cooked breakfast, a snack bar just before lunch and a cake after lunch, followed by a large meal at TGI Friday in the evening. I was full up after all of that, and despite it all I only put on a fraction of a pound.

But now I’m pushing on to hopefully get below 13st by the end of this month. Once I hit that, it’s time to readjust to a regular diet and maintain my weight.

Long gone are the days of eating bread willy-nilly and having milk in drinks. I’m a black coffee and skimmed milk man now, and will only have wraps if I’m making a sandwich. At least, I will do at the end of this month!

For the most part it’s been quite easy, although there has been the odd day when I’ve struggled with it. What’s helped is my job keeps me busy and as such keeps my mind off a lot of things. Plus there’s the fact that I’m out quite a lot in the evenings, so I’m not looking for things to eat.

Once it’s all off I’m pretty sure I’ll be in 34″ waist, definitely for jeans but almost definitely for smart trousers too. I’m looking forward to Christmas and the sales – something that I never thought I’d ever hear myself say. However, I’ve got a slimmer figure now, so I might as well get some decent clothes to fit, eh?

Final month

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