Yesterday was an odd day for me – I spent the majority of it in central Bath working from different coffee shops in an attempt to get things done.

For the most part I succeeded, and made the most of cafe wifi for the day. However it meant that I couldn’t follow my regular diet and as such I had to be a bit creative with how I got through the day.

For starters, I had breakfast with Kevin, which consisted of two poached eggs atop two slices of ham, but without the hollandaise sauce or muffin. It was delicious, although the egg was ever so slightly undercooked. I washed it down with an Americano and a large glass of water.

From there I moved to Society Cafe, where I drank two more Americanos each accompanied by glasses of water, to try and balance the caffeine intake. After a couple of hours and a few hundred words written, I ended up in Starbucks where I grabbed a large bottle of water and made my way through that.

This left me with a bit of a dilemma, as I should have had either a shake or a meal for lunch, but neither were to hand so I decided to go into Tesco Express and see what they had. The fundamental concept of this diet is that it keeps you in ketosis by starving your body of carbohydrates, thus forcing the body to burn fat rather than carbohydrate stores.

With this in mind I took a look at the cooked meat section and settled on buying 100g of cooked chicken to do me for a lunch. I also grabbed a 2L bottle of water through which I made my way during the remainder of the afternoon.

From there, I met some old colleagues early evening for leaving drinks and had a diet Coke, before being picked up by a former colleague to help her with some computer issues. At her house I had a black coffee and a glass of water. This means that I didn’t eat from lunchtime on Thursday for the remainder of the day, and it’s now only this morning that I’m actually starting to feel a bit peckish.

Fortunately it’s Friday today, which means a cooked breakfast in the canteen. That should do me for the majority of the day – most Fridays I end up having just a snack bar for lunch and then a shake in the evening. I’ve brought both with me this morning just in case. I need to be a bit more organised about how I am going to do this diet. I’ve lost so much, and I want to get down to a really good weight so I can be healthy.

It’s not far, but I can’t let all my good work be for naught!


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