This morning I hit a milestone on my fitness journey. It’s not a major one, but it is one that I’m quite proud of.

I hit 20 consecutive sit-ups for the first time.

What that means is, over the last ten days or so, I’ve worked my way up from 4 consecutive sit-ups to 20, gradually increasing the number I do each day. In actual fact, I have completed something like 347 sit-ups in the last fortnight, not something I thought I’d ever say.

To put it into context, each day I’ve been completing more and more sit-ups in each set until I could reach 20 in a single set. I had actually managed 66 sit-ups yesterday, spread out over 6 sets.

According to Runtastic, I’ve now completed level 1 and am moving onto level 2 where the aim is to do 60 consecutive sit-ups. At it’s peak, I will be doing 152 sit-ups – just looking at that figure slightly scares me. Having said that, looking at the overall programme really scares me as I’ve got another 2060 sit-ups to do between now and the start of November.

I’m determined to do it. Every day, things get a little easier thanks to the work I’m putting in. If I end up with a six pack then great, but I don’t want it to be extremely pronounced – just a hint of one will do very nicely, thank you very much.

The weights are continuing as well – I’m now completing the following routine every morning and evening:

2 x 20 reps dumbbell curls
2 x 10 reps dumbbell rows
2 x 10 reps dumbbell shoulder lifts

It is getting easier – I’m not sure that I’m seeing any direct day to day benefit, but the fact that my arms aren’t as tired as they have been can only be a good thing.

I’m determined to keep this up – I want to enter 2015 as a new man physically, much as I entered 2014 as a new man emotionally.


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