I made the decision last Sunday to only weigh myself on a weekly basis. Up until then, I had been weighing myself every morning when I got up, and watched the weight decrease each day as a result.

However, I hit three days where I didn’t lose any weight at all (or at least just a tiny amount) and felt a little non-plussed. Slim & Save advocate weighing on a weekly basis to see progress, so as not to get deflated when you don’t lose any. That makes sense, as there can be many reasons why weight doesn’t come off.

So now I don’t weigh myself during the week, which is quite useful as it usually takes around 5 – 10 minutes to switch the Wii U on and get through the body test. That’s time that I can use to transfer to my morning exercise routine, which is now up to 66 sit-ups and a variety of arm exercises with my dumbbells.

The sit-ups are still making me ache towards at the end, but that’s my stomach complaining that I’m pushing it, rather than any damage being done. I’m determined to get in to shape and feel better as a result. The weights are starting to have an effect and I may well need to invest in a larger set in the next couple of months or so.

First I need to get some more shirts – I like wearing the tailored ones, and I am losing even more weight so they’ll fit even better than they do now. None of my old shirts or even trousers really fit me now – I have to rein my belt in to be able to wear them comfortably. This is no bad thing, but I can only do that for so long before they start looking silly. I also want to show off my slimmer figure, just because I’ve worked hard so far to get where I need to get to.

Today is a Lifestyle day – I’m about to go and have a cooked breakfast with some of my colleagues before going into work for a briefing. Fingers crossed it will be a good day!


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