Getting easier

I’ve now made the conscious decision to not weigh myself every day. It’s what the Slim and Save team recommend, so I thought I’d put my willpower to the test and skip it this morning.

Doing so meant that I could get through my 42 sit-ups, 30 dumbbell curls on each arm and 20 dumbbell rows on each arm without rushing too much.

The dumbbell curls are becoming easier, there’s no doubt of that, but the rowing is something new. I’m splitting them into two sets of 10 reps each, just to give my arms a brief rest in between times.

Likewise, the sit-ups are getting a bit easier – I can now do 14 in one go, or 42 across six sets. I had a nagging feeling that I wasn’t doing the sit-ups correctly so I had a quick look yesterday. What I found showed me that I need to exhale when I come up and inhale when I go down. Doing this today made it feel more natural, and the act of breathing out gave me a rhythm to work to.

My back is slightly better today as well – it’s still complaining about the stress I’m putting it through, but it’s not hurting as much as it normally does.

My stomach doth protestest still – it’s still early days, but the aching is going away faster than it had done up to now, so I guess that is progress.

I’m not looking for a six pack, but what I am looking for is a more toned and possibly defined stomach – I want to look good when we go on holiday next year, both in my upper body and also my stomach.

My next step is to get cracking on my legs – the only way in going to do this is by either cycling or running. But first I need to buy some kit to do this in, as everything I have is now too large!

I prefer cycling to running – it’s easier for me to do (less impact) and I feel better for cycling through the countryside. Now that we live where we live, I should be able to come up with a nice circuit that takes me around the outskirts of Trowbridge and Bradford on Avon. However, if I tried running then I could probably come up with a shorter circuit around the immediate estate. I need to give running a go – I certainly want to be fitter than I am currently, and I need to factor it and the cycling into my current lifestyle. Hell, I wouldn’t even mind trying to run into work at some point, although this is some way off in the future yet.

Running to work would be somewhere equivalent to running a marathon each day. It’s about 11 miles each way, and would be a real achievement even if I was to do it just the once.

For now, I’m content with trying to cycle again – it’s what I enjoyed, and I just need to get myself organised again.

Getting easier

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