Busy day

Today was a hectic day, with conversations about pretty much all of my projects at some time during the day.

I’ve been feeling quite hungry as well, which hasn’t helped things. However, in my defence I’ve been drinking plenty of water and have probably drank more than I should have done. That’s not bad thing, other than needing to pee all the time, but it has helped offset the hunger a bit.

The biggest challenge today was lunch time. Someone came and sat next to me with a large salad covered in noodles – probably my favourite part of the salads here at the office. It smelled delicious, and I had to do everything I could to not go and get a plate myself.

Then someone sat the other side and opened a bag of Haribos – I could feel myself salivating, feeling the sensation of the sugar melting on my tongue. Again, I did what I could to try and put it out of my mind and didn’t eat a single one.

I was still hungry after I had my shake, and retreated back to my desk. After an hour I snapped and grabbed my snack bar out of my bag and made my way through it. I think my taste buds are definitely changing as I didn’t get the same sweet taste as I’ve had before. That said, it helped stave off some of the hunger pains I was feeling at that time.

Tonight I’ve got mild curry to look forward too, and a jelly of course. I might even go out for a bike ride to try and clear my head a bit. First of all I need to check to make sure that my shorts still fit – that could very well be embarrassing!

Busy day

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