The morning after

It’s Friday morning, and people are waking up to the news that Scotland has voted No to independence.

For some, that result will come as a relief, while for others it will be a point of anger. No matter which side you sit on though, you can’t help but be impressed at the turnout of over 80%, a figure that is way above any election turnout in recent history.

The surprising thing for me was that as of now, it appears that only 4 out of the 32 councils got a Yes majority. Yes, the overall margins were by and large pretty thin, but I expected the Yes campaign to win more councils.

But what now? Well, the SNP has succeeded in opening up the debate on Scottish devolution and has got people thinking. They’ve also got Westminster to commit to providing further parliamentary powers to the Scottish Parliament.

What has to happen now is that the country needs to gather back together and work towards maximising those powers, so that the Scotland of 2015 and beyond grows in stature and economic significance.

The debate has opened up rifts across the country, across towns and cities and even across families. My hope is that these rifts are easily sealed, and that the people of Scotland can get on and make it an even better place.

The morning after

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