Today has not gotten off to the best of starts – I woke up and got up at my usual time of 5am, and wandered downstairs to do my daily routine of sit-ups and weights. However, today my stomach really protested quite a bit, and my back had started aching around the middle. I’m telling myself that this is just because it’s being worked for a change, but there’s a nagging feeling that I may have over done it a little bit.

I’ve gone from doing no sit-ups, to doing 15, then 18, then 28 and then 36 this morning. It’s no real surprise that my body is starting to hate me – it’s had a fairly easy life so far. That said, I definitely don’t want to injure myself, so I need to give some thought to a break day, at least from the sit-ups perhaps.

The weights are doing well – I can now reach 32 reps both morning and evening, so I am making real progress there. I’m not sure if I feel any stronger as a result, but I feel better for doing them each day. My arms don’t ache for too long afterwards, so I think I’ve got about the right level of workout.

Hopefully my stomach will quit complaining soon, and I can carry on once more. This is almost becoming an experiment to see just what results I might get from exercise.

I’m also curious to understand how my activity rates against others. I think I need to do some research to find out.


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