Clothes and targets

My weight loss has usually involved me setting a weight target and trying to get down to that size. My target weight at the moment is 12st, which even now makes me chuckle as I can’t remember when I was ever 12st in weight.

As of today, I’m 13st 13, which is a massive achievement in itself. I’ve been pacing myself pretty well up to now, ensuring that I’m following the plan pretty rigidly and have seen the results speak for themselves. My current weight sees me a hairs breadth away from being officially within the ideal weight band of the BMI chart for my height – I’ve only ever been in the overweight or obese category up to now.

The fact that I’ve added exercise to the mix has only served to increase my desire to continue to lose weight and get my body in shape before I hit 40 in three and a half years time.

Now, my weight target is starting to turn into a clothes target and I am thinking what size clothes I would like to wear. I’ve been a 38″ for quite sometime now, and that is now far too big for me. Even 36″ jeans are pretty loose.

So, my target to myself is to become a 34″ or better waist, so I can fit comfortably into 34″ trousers without having to faff around. This is going to mean that I will need to go on a relatively major shopping spree as I need a few new pairs of trousers. As far as shirts are concerned, well, I’m aiming to be a comfortable 16.5″ collar, where the majority of my current wardrobe is either 17.5″ or even 18″ collar.

Finally, I want to be able to fit comfortably into an XL T-shirt without it feeling tight- I don’t mind if I’ve not got the flab, but I’ve never been one to wear particularly fitted T-shirts.

So, I think I’m most of the way towards getting to my goal – I’m looking forward to hitting the shops and trying some clothes on. All of which sounds very vain, and I’m likely to hate it as soon as I start – however, the feeling of fitting into a 34″ waist might be just too good!

Clothes and targets

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