Saying no!

My alarm went off at 5am this morning, as it does most mornings these days. The thing is, I’m expecting it, so I almost instantly roll over and hit the Off button before it disturbs my wife too much. Out of bed I hop, pop to the bathroom and then downstairs, where I’ve laid out everything ready for the morning.

As I lie down on the yoga mat, I can feel my stomach screaming at me to stop before I begin. It’s an interesting sensation as it’s one I’m not used to. However, my head wins over my stomach (it seems to be on a roll recently on that front) and I fire up the Runtastic app on my iPhone and begin my daily routine of sit-ups – 18 today, in five blocks. It doesn’t sound like much, but each time I come up and go back down, my stomach argues more and more. In my head I tell it to shut up, and carry on. The bottom of my back starts to hurt where it’s not used to this kind of activity. Again, I tell my body to deal with it.

Before I know it, I’m finished (yes, 18 sit-ups isn’t a lot, but when you’ve never done any before, it’s pretty significant) and I stand up to weigh myself using Wii Fit, which tells me that my BMI score has dropped 0.1 – I’m now just under 14st 1lb – I’m used to losing around a pound a day, so my initial instinct is to be slightly disappointed as I hoped to be able to see 14st dead on. Again, my brain kicks into gear and tells me that I should be losing at best a pound every other day, and that I should be more than happy with my progress. With my inner chimp settled, I move onto the Dumbbells.

I’ve been trying to push myself a little further each day as I think it’s the only way I’m really going to be able to improve. I managed 26 reps of curls yesterday both in the morning and evening session, so this morning I thought I’d try to get to 30 reps today. I could feel my arms starting to get tired around the 15 rep mark, but I pushed through until I hit 30. What surprised me was not that I had hit 30, but more that as I got closer it felt like it was getting easier. Whether this was my head keeping me going, I don’t know – certainly my arms weren’t too bad when I put the Dumbbells back on the floor afterwards.

Once my mini-exercise routine is finished I head into the kitchen and get my shake ready and ensure I’ve got everything packed for the day, which I had done.

I’m four days into this little routine and it feels like something that I can sustain for sometime yet – it might be a month, six months, a year or even more, but for me the important thing is that I’ve committed time each day to exercise and thus improving my physical fitness. There’s no point in losing this weight if I don’t go the whole hog and generally improve my health. I’m no longer snoring at night (at least not that I’m aware of) so am getting a better nights sleep.

My water intake is also increasing – I’m just making sure that I’ve always got a glass of water close by so I don’t get too dry a mouth.

They say that a habit can take 21 days to form, so I’m determined to carry on as much as I can do to ensure that this habit becomes an automatic behaviour.

Saying no!

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