Exercise & Sit ups

One of things I’ve never done regularly is exercise, with the exception of when I tried cycling to work a few years ago.

I’ve now lost over three stone (or about 20kg for the metric types) and am now on the verge of being 13st something, which quite frankly is amazing given that I’ve not been that weight since I was probably mid-teens.

With all this weight loss, I started to worry that I needed to do something to increase my fitness – I’ve noticed in the last few years that my arms are becoming weaker, and I want to make sure I don’t have any loose skin where I’ve lost weight.

So I’ve borrowed a set of dumbbells and have also downloaded a sit up app for the iPhone in an attempt to increase my basic level of fitness. I know that just doing some curls and sit ups won’t transform me into a muscle-bound hulk by themselves, but just the fact that I’ve started to do them is significant for me.

I’m using the Runtastic Sit up app, and it’s pretty good – it helps me track my activity over a period of time and starts off slowly (a bit like Couch to 5k) to help me build up my ability. I’m doing at least 15 sit ups each day and that will gradually increase until I’m doing 100 sit ups in one burst, or 250 sit ups in a session – according to the app, this should be by the end of the year! If that’s the case, then I should see some pretty drastic results both in the definition of my tummy and also my general core strength.

As for the dumbbells, well I’m starting simple by doing 20 curls each day – I need to steadily increase that so I can do more every time I exercise. My arms get tired very easily, and it’s not something I’m particularly proud of – I’m determined to change this as I want to be able to arm wrestle John from time to time, and I don’t want to be embarrassed by losing too easily to him.

Anyway – I think I’m being bitten by the fitness bug – only time will tell if I am successful in keeping it up. Now that I’ve invested in losing weight, the next logical step is for me to get fit and I think it’s going to happen this time.

Exercise & Sit ups

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