It’s a bit startling to find that we’re well into September already, which means I’ve been at my current company for over eight months already. This isn’t too bad, but I’m surprised at how quickly the time has gone and also by how much I’ve been accepted by the people I work with.

My first project is well out of the way, and all I have to do is submit the formal closure report so it can fully draw to a close. This isn’t a particularly onerous task, but I’ve been delaying it in favour of other things.

I now need to draw the analytics project to a close too – it’s been really interesting, but I have to start clearing my plate so to speak.

On the horizon are a number of other projects that are coming out of the wood work and I’ve got to do my best not to get swamped by all the incoming work. This is easier said than done as the area that I’m specialising in is an ever growing one, which means that there will only ever be a lot of work on at any time. That said, it’s also the area that will get me spread across the business as widely as possible, so that’s no bad thing as far as I can see.

I think it’s time that I start reading up on analytics specifically – the amount of data that we’re currently collecting and will collect is phenomenal, and I need to start getting my head around it as well as wallowing in the industry.

All I have to do is work out how to use Safari reading list – I’m probably going to start using that as a way of lining up interesting articles etc to help me in this area.

So called Big Data is something that’s going to be a big deal for me – there’s plenty of reading to do!


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