New iPhones

For those that know me, it will be no surprise to know that I was watching Twitter last night for coverage of Apple’s latest product announcements. As predicted, they released both an iPhone (two in fact) and the much vaunted iWatch.

The usual hype machine was active, with various promises of transforming the way we live, something that occurs every time they release something new.

What was interesting though was the fact the Apple are making a big play towards the payment field, finally utilising the vast number of credit cards that they have on file to make paying by your phone as easy as tapping your phone on a receiver while having your finger over the TouchID sensor. It will be interesting to see how this actually works in practice – I can see that it might be difficult to keep your finger on the sensor while holding your phone by your fingertips, particularly if you have the 6 Plus.

I’m very curious about the iPhone 6 Plus – it looks like it could be a great phone and possibly do me instead of getting an iPad mini or full sizzled iPad. I believe the screen size is just an inch or two smaller than the mini, but it’s not yet clear if it will run iPad apps, or just the regular iPhone apps. My confusion arises because of the landscape mode that the Plus introduces, which is reminiscent of the iPad, although implemented in a different way.

For now, I’ll be downloading the iOS 8 GM in the next couple of days to avoid the rush when it’s released across the world. Let’s see how that goes!

New iPhones

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