Exercise – not a dirty word

Perhaps the most remarkable thing about my weight loss (if you can call it remarkable) is the fact that I’ve achieved it despite not actually increasing my activity levels. The sole contributor to my weight loss has been a change of diet in both cases (sugar first, then the Slim & Save plan).

However, I’m starting to feel that I need to start actively exercising so I can get the benefits of my new weight. I’ve never been a runner because of my large frame, although now that I’ve lost nearly three stone, I’m starting to think that I should take it up.

In addition I’ve got a bike in the garage that never really gets used, and I think it’s about time I got it out to start cycling again – there are some really easy circuits around our estate and not far beyond which I can easily tackle. I just need the motivation to do it.

I also need to start weight training as my upper body strength is pretty poor. So many things to think about, I just wish I had the time to do it all.

I think what I need is a definite timetable for each day that allows me the opportunity to plan out what I’m going to do each day. There’s no reason why I can’t fit in using the dumbbells that Dad has let me borrow into my morning routine, or even late at night before I go to bed.

As for the cycling, I’m now usually free on a Monday and Wednesday evening, as well as Saturdays and Sundays.

I’m fortunate in that I can get access to the Bath Uni gym through work, but my only issue is being able to get there on a regular basis – this is where having one car is a pain. If we had two cars then I would either go straight after work if times allow, or even in the evenings if could make it.

I’ve done the bulk of the hard work – I started off being in the obese category and now I’m a whisker away from being in the ideal weight category. Time to tone this body up a bit and see the real benefits of losing the weight.

Exercise – not a dirty word

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