Arriving at Heathrow

When planning this trip, the Aussie FD told me to book a car to get me from Bath to Heathrow, and I’m glad he did. The chap that Future uses is a guy called Nigel, who drives a rather nice Mercedes E Class Estate. It took us about 1 3/4 hours to get from central Bath to Terminal 3 at Heathrow, and the time seemed to slip by mainly due to Nigel’s conversational skills – he’s a really nice guy, and was a pleasure to talk to.

As we made our way down the M4 towards London, the weather got progressively worse until it was absolutely chucking it down as the car pulled into Heathrow itself. After walking into the terminal, I managed to find the bag drop off point for BA only to be told that it wouldn’t open until 5pm at the absolute earliest; a bit of a pain in the arse as I was hoping to dump my bags and get through security into departures. Such is life.

However, all is not lost as I wandered to the 1st Floor and found Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, so am now settled here enjoying a Butterscotch Fudge doughnut with a large latte – the perfect way to start this trip. Now I’ve just got to make this coffee last a little longer before wandering back down to the bag drop and finally making it through security.

Oh, and I’ve got to unpack my two laptops, Kindle and BlackBerry to go through security too. Joy!

Arriving at Heathrow

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