Linux Unleashed

We’re slap bang in the middle of release season for several Linux distros. If you’ve been around a while then you will have already noticed the link between a Gnome release and a distro release. At the moment, Ubuntu seem to be the closest to the Gnome 2.18 release, whilst Fedora is due to go GA on Thursday this week.

I co-author two books based on the above distros, and it can be kinda hard to be original about both of them in the two different books. Fedora 7 Unleashed has been fundamentally re-built from the ground up to be what is says on the tin, a no-holds barred reference book on Fedora. Ubuntu Unleashed 2nd Edition remains with the same structure as the 1st Edition, with the obvious updates where necessary.

Our grand plan is to re-structure UU2ndEd in the same way that we have with Fedora, and also increase the coverage to include some of the derivatives. However, this is becoming difficult as there are now several official derivatives, including Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Edubuntu, Ubuntu Studio, Mythbuntu etc. Once we’ve got the final sign off for the book, Paul and I can sit down with our editorial team at Sams to discuss the next step, which will be for Gutsy +1.

F7U is the one that we are most interested in, because it is a radical change in format. Hopefully people will pick up on what we are trying to do with it…

Linux Unleashed

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