It’s been an interesting time all around as far as my life goes.

Work has been very busy this week as we have attempted to connect up the BI system to the Finance OLAP cube. As we are planning to use budget and forecast data, the Finance team are concerned that we will be reporting different figures then them, which will definitely be the case as we are producing operational reports rather than financial ones. Unfortunately they don’t see it this way and are digging their heels in when we try to extract any data. It’s just an unfortunate consequence of implementing such a thorny issue as operational reporting.

In other news, I’ve been asked to become the regular book reviewer for Linux Format, and have been asked to submit two reviews of my own choice for inclusion in each issue. The first two books are going to be from O’Reilly because they managed to turn things around so quickly and are “Backup and Recovery” and “Samba 3rd Edition”. Backup and recovery sounds like a dull topic, but thankfully the author has avoided falling into the dull and mundane trap. Samba 3rd Edition is an update to the seminal text on Samba, with information on integrating Samba into Active Directory, strangely useful for us right now as we are going to be implementing AD alongside our Samba infrastructure.

Finally I’m working hard on a review of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5. It’s a case of working hard as I have struggled to get it going on the Linux Format webserver, an OEM dual core Opteron rack server. According to Red Hat this is because I’m not using certified hardware, and in order to prove this they are shipping me a Woodcrest server from HP for use as part of the review. It arrives Monday and I’m pretty confident that everything will work from there on in. I spent an hour on the phone with one of their Pre-Sales Engineers this afternoon who was extremely helpful and answered a lot of my general questions about RHEL 5, and on Tuesday I will be speaking to the VP of Engineering to get his take on things. RHEL 5 is promising to be a great release, and there is a lot of interest in it right now.


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