Fedora 6

3 things to post about this time.

1. The Garden

In early October we had our garden levelled out and grass seed re-sown. We were specifically told not to step on it for at least 4-6 weeks, so we gave it just over 8 weeks to be on the safe side. Pah – it now looks like several tanks have been using it for a practice range. It’s very squelchy underfoot not to mention extremely patchy for grass. We’ve even noticed a cluster of mushrooms growing in the middle of the garden which is a little worrying.

2. Nintendo Wii

This is released in less than two weeks over here in the UK. Hopefully we’ll get one on release, but if not I have it on good authority that supply after release will be pretty good. In anticipation of the Wii release I’m going to part-ex my PS2 and 18 games for a load of Wii goodies, hopefully including Wii Play, Zelda and a couple of extra controllers. Paul, my brother, has whipped me into a state of excitement about this console, which has been increased even further by the positive reviews and by what I’ve read on Wii.com. Even my wife, who normally hates games, is excited about it and can’t wait to play Wiisports.

3. Fedora

I installed Fedora for good on my main desktop machine and this is going to be my distro of choice going forward. I had settled into an Ubuntu environment, and this will remain on my laptop, but I just didn’t feel comfortable with it on the desktop as it felt a bit too toy-like. Fedora, on the other hand, actually looks and feels professional out of the box, not to mention the desktop effects worked on installation without having to tweak any settings or modify my xorg.conf file. All of my virtual machines have been migrated across, and now all I need to do is to install a second physical drive and join it to my logical volume. Virtual Machines are a great thing, but they don’t half eat up your hard drive space. By the way, I use VMware Workstation for my virtualisation – I haven’t quite got used to Xen just yet, but I’m sure it’ll come (when I have a Core 2 Duo perhaps).

Fedora 6

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