I have a head cold – my nose is running, and I’m generally feeling bunged up. I’ve been taking Lemsips all day today in an attempt to help, but not much has actually changed, except for the fact that I’m dosed up.
I’ve also got to take some more screenshots for my head to head review of Ubuntu and Fedora. It would seem that a screenshot of Sam and Max Hit the Road isn’t quite LXF’s cup of tea. This is quite ironic seeing as I saw for the first time today that there are new Sam and Max games coming out very soon. Never mind.
Fedora has slipped again to the 24th October at the very earliest, with calls for it to be delayed until 31st October as a homage to the infamous Halloween 0.9 release of ’94. This doesn’t bother me too much as they are trying hard to squash all the remaining bugs and get the release out. I’m almost relieved that they’ve decided to delay; it shows some flexibility in the Fedora project, and restores faith for me that they won’t rush releases just to satisfy Red Hat.


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